The purpose of this document is to show the Payroll Processor how to use the Split Time icon. The Split Time icon, is found on the Payroll Worksheet Home Navigation Pane.

When the Split Time Icon is used, it converts some of the time on a time card line to a different pay code, activity code etc.

When a line is split, you specify the amount of time to add to the new line, along with the new Pay Code.

When the line is split, a negative entry is created against the original line to offset the new line.

Split Time Icon

In this example, the employee has 40 hours of Regular Time in the Payroll Worksheet. However, 8 of that should be in Stat Regular.

When you click on the “Split Time” Icon, the system automatically creates two lines for 20 hours each. Simply modify the lines so that the Current Total equals the Hours total.

Payroll Split Payable Hours

Then click on the “Commit” icon to save the changes and close.

The changes will appear on the Payroll Worksheet.

Split Time on Payroll Worksheet

Continue with payroll processing.