Every year the Canada Revenue Agency publishes the new rates for the Federal TD1 and Provincial TD1P. These values are not automatically updated in Canadian Payroll. The fields are Display only and do not affect the tax calculations. The tax calculations are behind the scenes.

To change the display values, follow these instructions.

Step 1: From the Role Tailored Client page, Navigate to “Configure Payroll”

Configure Payroll

Step 2: Using the drop-down function go to “Advanced”


Step 3: From “Advanced” Click on to “TD1 and TD1P”

TD1 and TD1P

Click on NEW

Edit Descritpion

The Description field then becomes editable.

Proceed with changes then “X” out of the screen to save.

Note: This is just a display field and is not the actual calculation amount. The calculations are done by a separate tax engine.