The purpose of this documentation is to provide the Payroll Processor with information on how to produce the Payroll Register.

The Payroll Register is an excellent tool for reviewing the payroll before employees are paid, and for keeping a record for Auditors.

The Payroll Register can be produced anytime that the Payroll Worksheet has time entered.

Step 1: Run Payroll Register

Navigate to the Payroll Worksheet.  Proceed to the Action Tab, and click on “Run Payroll Registers Report”.

Payroll Worksheet Navigation Pane

A new window will open.

Edit Payroll Run Registers

Define the parameters: Locked or Open ;

Or use any of the following choices to define in the “Where” and “And” drop-down boxes:

  • Pay Date
  • Created Datetime
  • Entry No.
  • Has Registers
  • In On Journal
  • Pay Frequency
  • Pay Period Number
  • Pay Stubs
  • Perioding Ending
  • Period Starting
  • State

The “Is” box is free form and can just be typed.

In the following example, we have just chosen to preview an “Open” payroll run.

Then select to “Preview”.

Preview Open Run

Review the information for accuracy, and correct any errors that are needed.

Once you are satisfied with the information, it can be saved or printed.

The last page of the report provides totals for the Payroll Run along with Year To Date Totals.

Payroll Run Totals