Dimensions are what allow you to report on data within the system, in a way that is meaningful to the company.

We only support one account for Wages, and in all of our examples, the wages account is 62100. One of the benefits of Dimensions is that you minimize the number of accounts in your General Ledger as you do not need to have several different accounts per dimension.

For example, you have one Wage account, yet you can have multiple departments, divisions, locations, projects etc.

By utilizing Dimensions, the wages and burden can then be costed to the correct department, division, location, project etc. For this document, we have created a Department and a Province Dimension.

Step 1: Payroll Service Setup

In the Payroll Service Setup, ensure that the following three fields are configured as shown below.

Field Value
Payment Journal Posting Dimension Behaviour Copy from Paystub
Detail Dimension Behaviour Use Paystub
Detail Post Dim Behaviour Use Detail

The fields are found in the Posting Section.

Payroll Service Setup

Step 2: General Ledger Setup

The next step is to make sure that the dimensions are set up in the “Dimension” section of the General Ledger Setup.

General Ledger Setup

Step 3: Employee

On the Employee Card, the applicable Dimension is attached to the employee to define their Department and Province.

Employee Card
Default Dimensions

Step 4: Usage and Operational Steps.

After the dimensions are set up, when a new payroll run is created, the dimension will copy from the Employee Card onto the Payroll Worksheet as in the shown below.

Payroll Worksheet

Note: This will copy from the Employee Card, however, it can be changed manually on the Payroll Worksheet.

Deductions, Income Details, and other (benefits, reimbursements, etc.,) will copy those dimensions from the Payroll Worksheet when they are automatically created.

Deduction Details

When the function “Transfer to Journals” is completed, the payment journal will also have the dimension values.

Payment Journal

The General Journal will also be defined by the dimension values.

General Journal

Note: This is an opportunity to make any necessary changes before the Journal is posted.

In this example, we have Province Codes, so that we can track for WCB purpose. (Which province the employee was working in). We can see the wages per province along with the WCB expense that has been accrued.

The information int he General Journal can be exported to Excel.