There are times when the Payroll Processor must produce another employee payment when the current payroll run has already been closed.

In this example all the employees have been paid, however, there was a new employee hired mid-month, and the information was not given to the Payroll Department in a timely manner. The employee needs to be paid.

Step 1: Payroll Worksheet

Go to the Payroll Worksheet and input the information for the Pay Frequency, Pay Date, Pay Period, Starting and End Dates that are required.

Payroll Worksheet

Step 2: Process Payroll

Enter the information for the single employee.

When completing the function of “Calculate Taxes”, all the employees who have the same frequency will appear.

However, you only wanted the single employee.

Delete Line

Using the “Look up value” click on “Delete Line” to remove the employee’s not getting paid in this off-cycle run.

You now only have the single employee to be paid.

Complete the action of “Transfer to Journals”, “Post General Journal”, and “Close Run” to finish this process.