This document is to provide the Payroll Processor with instruction on how to set up and configure the Workers Compensation Board Accrual for Canadian Payroll.

Step 1: Deductions Set Up

In the Payroll Deductions, Reimbursements and other Earnings, create a new deduction ‘WCB”, (for example). The Category is “Deduction”, and the Employer Calc No. is the specific custom calculation for that province ( for example. WCB-AB)

Deductions Setup

Step 2: All Calculations

Please refer to the Assessable Earnings for each specific provinces Workers Compensation Plans to determine which earnings are to be included in the calculations.

WCB Calculations

Enter all variables that make up the Assessable Earnings and close.

Note: The rate would have been provided by the Provincial Workers Compensation board. ( in this example it is .099 for British Columbia)

When the function of “Calculate Gross” is completed, the calculation appears. To review this information, click on the Deduction Icon on the Action Tab as shown below.

Step 3: Deductions Details

Deductions details

This information also shows on the Payroll Register Report for audit purposes.

The Deduction Report can be used to help prepare the reporting required by the Workers Compensation Boards.