The purpose of this article is to provide the Payroll Processor with instruction on how to void a cheque in Canadian Payroll.

There are times when a payment to the Employee needs to be voided. In this example, you have been informed that on February 24, 2017 an  Employee quit, however you have already completed the March 1, 2017 payroll. The Employee is going to be paid for two days that they will not be working.

Since payroll has been completed, we need to void this payment in order to reflect the correct financial information.

 Note: You will still need to contact your Financial Institution to place a stop payment on the cheque, these instructions are intended for Canadian Payroll only.

Step 1: Bank Accounts

In the search box, enter Bank Accounts, and choose the relevant link.

Bank Accounts

Step 2: Bank Account List

Select the bank account that the cheque was issued from.

Bank Account

Step 3: Check Ledger Entries

On the Navigations Tab, choose Check Ledger Entries.

Check Ledger Entries

This will allow you to view the entries that resulted from posting transaction in the payment journal to the bank account.

Step 3: Void Check

Highlight the line for the employee that you require, and go to the Navigate Tab and click on Void Check.

Check Ledger Entries
Void Check

Once you have clicked on “Void Check” another window will appear.

Since the employee has already been paid, click on “Void check only”.

Review the details and click YES.


Once you click on YES, you are returned to the Check Ledger Entries screen.

Notice that the Entry Status has changed from Posted to Financially Voided.

Financially Voided

Step 4: Memo

You cannot “Delete” a Pay Stub that is in a closed payroll run.

The Best Practice is to enter a Memo to record information relating to this Pay Stub.

In the “Memo” field in the Payroll Worksheet, record the fact that the previous Pay Stub was voided and a manual cheque issued.

This will print on the next Pay Stub, and therefore be a record for both the Employee and Employer.

Payroll Worksheet

Continue with the Payroll Process.