The optional Employee Self-Serve portal is available within Canadian Payroll.

If your employees are entering their own time in Canadian Payroll, then this feature would be valuable to have this same set of employees optionally access their own historical paystubs.

To use this feature, an Employee’s User record must have a valid Dynamic’s 365 Business Central User License, and be assigned the “PAYROLL EMP” permission set. Please refer to the Canadian Payroll Setup and Configuration Guide for the minimum setup required.

Once the minimum setup is completed, the employee can then access their Historical Paystubs.

User Permission Sets

Step 1: Historical Paystubs

Search for “Historical Paystubs” and click on the link “Payroll Historical Paystubs”

Search Historical Paystubs


Navigate from the Role Tailored Client, from Payroll > History > Paystubs

The employee will be able to look at their historical paystubs and reprint them if desired.

Payroll Historical Paystubs screen

Step 2: Printing

To View or Print the Paystub, click on the Print Stub icon on the Home tab.

Print Stub icon

The following window opens with the list of parameters already completed. You just need to define in where you want the paystub to be printed, and in what format. (PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel).

Print parameters screen
Print parameters screen

Helpful Hint : The employee can save their PDF pay stubs in a folder on their personal driver for easy access at any time.


If the employee cannot see their paystubs, (1) Ensure the Employee record is associated with a Resource, (2) Ensure that the Resource is associated with a Timesheet Owner User ID that matches the User ID for the Employee record. (3) Ensure that there are paystubs for the employee.