The purpose of this article is to provide information to the Payroll Processor on how to process a Retroactive Payment to an Employee using Canadian Payroll.

In the following example, an employee started one week prior to the pay period, therefore they need their monthly wage, plus one week.

Step 1: Navigate to the Payroll Worksheet

Once you have performed the actions of Get Hours, Check for Issues, Calculate Gross , click on Income Details in the Actions Tab.

Payroll Worksheet
Income Details

Step 2: Income Details

When you click on the Income Details icon, another window will appear.

Payroll Paystub Income Details

Change the Entry Source from “Automatic Calculation” to “Person”, and close the window.

Go back into Income Details and change the Income Type to Retroactive Pay and tab over to the Employee Amount. Add the dollar value of the payment. Don’t forget to change the Retroactive Pay Periods to the pay period that this payment was for.

Income Type

Step 3: Calculate Gross

Calculate Gross Pay

Click on Calculate Gross to update your record. Note that the Gross Pay is in BOLD. This indicates that the original amount has been modified. If you click on the Gross Pay for the employee, it opens the Income Details window, and you can see the two payments.

Income Details
Income Details

In the Payroll Factbox and in the Payroll Worksheet the two amounts show being paid to the employee.

Payroll Income Factbox

Continue with Payroll processing.