The purpose of this article is to provide the Payroll Processor with instruction on how to process a Bonus Pay with Canadian Payroll.

In the following example, the employee is receiving a $2,000.00 Bonus for meeting a production goal.

Step 1: Navigate to the Payroll Worksheet

Once you have performed the functions of Get Hours, Check for Issues, Calculate Gross proceed to the next step.

Payroll Worksheet Ribbon

Step 2: Add Bonus or Commission

Add Bonus Icon

When clicking on the Add Bonus or Commission Icon, a new window will open

Step 3: Define the Bonus criteria

Note: The Employee No. will default to the employee whose line is highlighted prior to clicking on the Bonus/Commission Icon.

Set “Bonus or Commission?” to “Bonus”.

  1. Enter the Bonus amount in “Amount”
  2. Enter a “Memo” for what the bonus is regarding. This memo will show up in the Detailed Income Entries, and on the printed Paystub
  3. Leave “Days since Previous Commission” at the 0 default
  4. In the “Who received the bonus/commission?” put in the filters for either a specific employee or group of employees that should receive this bonus
  5. Choose “OK” to close this window

Note: Only employees that are in the current Payroll Run will receive the bonus.

Add Bonus or Commission

Step 4: Income Details

Go into “Income Details” on the Actions Tab, and notice that  the Income Source shows Bonus. The Entry Source shows “Person” to indicate that this was not an automatic calculation.

Income Details
Income Details

The Bonus will now be added to the Employee(s) that you have chosen in the filters.

Note that the Gross Pay for the employee is now in BOLD which indicates that there has been a modification.

In the Payroll Income section of the Income Factbax to the right of your screen, you can see the two amounts being paid to the employee.

Bonus Added

Continue with the Payroll process