The purpose of this article is to provide the Payroll Processor with information on how to make an adjustment to an Employee’s salary.

There are occasions when a Salary Adjustment is necessary. Such as when an employee’s hire date does not coincide with the Pay Period Start date in the current pay. The following procedure works for a negative or positive adjustment.

In this example, the employee was not hired at the start of the pay period and therefore their salary needs to be modified.

Step 1: Payroll Worksheet

Search for the Payroll Worksheet.

Payroll Worksheet


Navigate from the Role Tailored Client page from Payroll > Process Payroll > Payroll Worksheet

Payroll Worksheet

Step 2: Income Details

Go to the Actions Tab and click on Income Details.

Income Details

Using the drop down box, change the “Entry Source” from Automatic Calculation to Person.

Payroll Paystub Income Details

Click on Close.

Go back into Income Details.

Enter the adjustment as a negative amount in the Employee Amount. ( for example -$653.84 where the original amount was $7083.33)

Employee Amount

Click on Close

Step 3: Calculate Gross

Calculate Gross Pay

Click on Calculate Gross to update the Gross Pay information.

Payroll Worksheet

Notice that the Employee’s Gross Pay is in BOLD, which indicates that the original amount has been modified.

If you click on Income Details you will see the two entries,(the original and the negative amount).

Payroll Income

The two entries also appear in the Payroll Income section of the Payroll Information Factbox.

Payroll Income

Continue with Payroll Processing.