Historical Paystubs are found on the Historical Paystubs page. The payroll processor may see and print all pay stubs. A typical employee will only be able to see their own paystubs.

Step 1: Search for Paystubs page

Search for Paystubs page


Navigate from the Role Tailored Client page, from Payroll > History > Paystubs

Step 2: Find Paystub

Find Paystub

From the list provided by the search, select the desired paystub.

Step 2: Print Paystub

High light the desired paystub and choose the “Print Stub” icon.

Paystub Filter

When you click on “Print Stub” a new window appears.

To view a paystub based on different filters, simply change the filters to the specifications that you desire ( i.e. Bonus).

Paystub Filter

Click on the “Send to…” button and choose the desired output from the menu of the request page.

File Type

Click “OK” when finished your selection.

Close the screens when completed.