The purpose of this article is to assist the Payroll Processor with creating and submitting T4 slips as required by the Canada Revenue Agency. Employer information returns consist of both a summary and slip(s). Depending on the type of income you pay, you may have to file one or more types of returns. Summaries and slips are due on the last day of February that follows the calendar year that the information return applies to.

Step A : Prerequisite Setup Information

1. Navigate to “Company Information”

2. Enter your nine digit Canada Revenue Agency number in the “Federal ID No.” field.

Federal ID No.

3. From the Role Tailored Client page, Navigate to Payroll > Configure Payroll > Advanced > Manual Setup.

4. Under the “Navigations” Tab, choose “Payroll Account Identifiers” icon.

Payroll Account Identifiers

5. Enter “RP” under “Program Identifier”.

6. Enter the four (4) digit number under “Reference No.”, for example 0001, 0002.

Payroll Account Identifiers

7. Close the lookup page.

8. In the “Payroll Service Setup” page, under the “Transmitter Number “enter “MM” followed by six (6) numbers, for example (MM123456).

This code is provided by Canada Revenue Agency for submitting information returns electronically. Contact them at 1-800-665-5164 to obtain this number.

Transmitter Number

9. In the “Submission Nos.”, Click on the ellipsis to create a new Series List. Set up and assign a number series that has a starting and ending point of exactly eight (8) digits. Make sure that the “Default Nos” is set to true.

No Series List

10. Navigate to the “Payroll Deduction, Reimbursement, and Other Earning Type Configuration” page.

11. Ensure that the EI and Reduced EI have the applicable Canada Revenue Agency numbers entered in the “CRA Number” fields.

12. Ensure that the “Information Return” fields for all applicable entries are set to “T4” or “T4A”.

Information Return

13. Navigate to “Payroll Paycode and Work Type Configuration”.

14. Ensure that the “Information Return” field for all applicable entries is set to “T4” or “T4A”.

Paycode Information Return

Step B: Carried Forward Year To Date Amounts

  1. Prior to Generating the T4’s  you need to go to the “YTD Totals” and Archive the Prior Year.
Archive YTD
  1. Click on the Icon and choose which year to close. This needs to be done to add the Year To Date amounts into the fields for the T4’s.

Step C: Generate T4 Slips

  1. Navigate to Payroll > History > T4 Summaries
Payroll T4 Summaries

2. Choose “NEW” to start a new T4 submission.

View T4 Summary List

3. This will open the Information Return page.

4. The “Red Stars” denote required information. Once the information is entered, the Red Star disappears. Most of the information is auto filled by the Company Information that was populated at the initial setup.

5. Enter the “Taxation Year”. ( the year that you are running the T4’s for)

6. In the “Payroll Account Number” enter the Canada Revenue Agency number for the T4’s that you are processing (RP0001 or RP0002). Complete all of the required fields.

Information Return Page

7. Once the Information Return has been completed, click on the “Generate T4 Slips” icon.

Generate T4 Slips

8. The T4’s will be created and the results will be shown in the T4 Slips section of the page. Note: For ease of reconciliation process, this can be exported to excel.

T4 Slips

9. Balance all of the amounts in the Totals section to those remitted via the PD7A. If you have discrepancies you can edit the information by clicking the “EDIT” icon.

T4 Totals

10. Once you have determined that the information is correct, click on the “Validate” icon. This will run the validation for the XML generation.


11. If the validation indicates that there are errors, correct the ones in red. By clicking on this issue, it will open to the page where the fix can be done.

12. If the error is in the “T4 Slips” lines, or “Other Information By T4 Slip” Factbox, you can go to the “MANAGE” tab, for “T4 Slips” and choose the “Enable Editing”  or “Edit Other Information” actions.

13. Click on “Generate T4 Slips”, then “Validate” again, to ensure that all red errors have been resolved. Yellow errors are warnings and will not stop the XML from being generated.  Once completed “X” out of the screen.

14. Click on the “Generate Web Submission”. After the download has completed, save the XML with your T4 Information. You will use this to upload the information to the CRA Website.

Generate Web Submission

15. Select “Confirm Submission” icon. The “Submission Date” in the “Summary” group will now be populated.

Confirm Submission

Step D: Printing T4 Slips

Step 1: Print back page of T4

Log into the CRA Web Site to find the T4 Form. Print just the back page onto plain white paper. Print more than the amount that you have T4’s for. For example if you are going to print 23 T4’s then print 25 of the back page onto plain white paper.

T4 Back Page

Perform a test to ensure that you have loaded this into you printer correctly. So that this is printing on the back page of a T4.

Step 2: Print All T4’s

By going to the “Actions” tab on the T4 Summary, click on the Icon “Print All T4 slips.

Print All T4 Slips

The T4’s appear in alphabetical order to be printed

T4 Front Page

You can save the T4’s in PDF format in a secure drive that has your applicable year T4 information.

You can also print Single T4 slips.

By navigating to the Manage T4 Slips Tab, you can then print a single employee T4.

T4 Front Page

Click on the “Print Employee T4” icon.

T4 Front Page

Filter the specific employee and then print the T4.