The purpose of this article is to provide the Payroll Processor with information on how to add a new code in Canadian Payroll.

The basic Canadian Payroll system has three hourly pay codes set up. Regular, Overtime and Double time.  However, there may be more pay codes needed for your payroll requirements.

The following is an example of an addition of a pay code. In this example, we are adding “Stat Pay – Regular”, which would be used to record an employee being paid for not working a Statutory Holiday.

Step 1 – Create New Paycode

Search for “Paycodes”

Payroll Hourly Code


Navigate from the Role Tailored Client page to Payroll > Configure Payroll > Paycodes

Payroll Paycode Configuration

Once obtained click on “New” on the Home Tab and a blank line appears.

Pay Code

In the blank line, enter the Paycode, for example, STAT PAY REG, then the Work Type Code, click on the New to create this new work type. Click OK when completed.

Make sure to complete all the other required fields, such as if you want this new code to Show in the Worksheet; If this is included in the T4 or T4A, etc.

Pay Code

Step 2 – Assign Paycode to Employee

You then need to assign this pay code to the employees.

On the Payroll Paycode Configuration Page, click on the “Rate Overrides”.

Another window appears.  Click on “Resource No.”, a list of Employees appears. By clicking on the Employee’s name, you can add the new pay code and specify the rate for the code.

Resource No
Resource No

Close out of the screen once the set up is completed.

Please refer to the Payroll Setup Guide for further information on Paycodes.